EDS Partner Wizard

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Currently, there is only the functionality "Show Business Partner" in the EDS Partner Factbox.
This checks whether an entry exists for the customer/vendor in the EDS business partner table.
If no entry exists, you have the possibility to create an entry. This creates an entry with the business assignment of the customer without a Dispatch Profile Code.

Possible extension:
The creation of the EDS partner should run through a wizard.

There may be multiple entries in the business mapping for the table (example: Customer) because the customer card has been extended with additional email fields for (reminders, order acceptance, credit memo, etc.).
The user should be able to determine himself via the wizard which business assignment he takes to possibly use the e-mail field Reminder with the Reminder Dispatch Profile - until he has assigned all e-mail fields to the Dispatch Profiles.
Then he can close the wizard.

Under consideration Suggested by: Simon Zimmermann Upvoted: 26 Aug, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0