Output type "Browserhandling"

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Create a new output type in the EDS record setup.
This output type should be named as follows:
"Browser handling".

Why do we need the new output type?
As an example (automatic sending):
When batch posting the unposted Invoices to posted invoices we solve by the EDS module the electronic sending.
However, up to now it does not take into account the customers who may still receive invoices by post.
It can happen that the customer should not only receive the invoice as a document,
but also an additional document (e.g. the weighbridge ticket) from the DMS.

The process looks as follows with the new output type:
A total of 30 unposted invoices are posted via batch posting.
15 invoices go out by mail and are processed via the EDS queue.
15 invoices are sent out by post.
=> The browser handling window opens during the posting process. There the printer is selected and printed for all posted documents.
=> As expected, an invoice including a weighbridge tickets for all 15 invoices is sent out

Done Suggested by: Simon Zimmermann Upvoted: 11 May, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1